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The Language Media Center is located in Scharbauer Hall 3004. This facility is available to all students currently registered in one of the language courses offered by the Department of Spanish and Hispanic Studies or the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures. The Center is equipped with 36 computer workstations, both MacIntosh and P.C.'s, connected to the university computer network and the Internet. Numerous resources including dictionaries, foreign language composition editors, and other cultural and instructional software are available for student use. In addition, video-viewing equipment is available at each station.


Hours of Operation

The Center is open MWF 8:30-4:30 and TTh 8:30-2:00. It is only open on days when regular classes are in session, and it is closed on weekends. There are no normal hours of operation during the summer.


Guide to Diacriticals

To see how to place certain marks (accent, question marks, etc.) in Spanish and other languages, click here.



The Media Center holds a small collection of videos and DVDs, which are available for use at the Center by students. Faculty of the Spanish and Hispanic Studies Department may check out these materials and return them according to the established schedule. Note: For a wider collection of films, visit The Mary Couts Burnett Library, which holds over one hundred films.



All about My Mother
¡Ay, Carmela! (VHS)
Belle Epoque
Caballos salvajes
The City and the Dogs
Danzón (VHS)
A Day without a Mexican
I Don't Want to Talk about It (VHS)
Like Water for Chocolate
Maria Full of Grace
Men with Guns
The Motorcycle Diaries
El Norte (VHS)
The Official Story
La Pelotavasca
Pepi, Luci, Bom y otras chicas del montón
Rojo Amanecer (2 copies)
The Sea Inside
Strawberry & Chocolate



Aztecs: The Exposition of a Culture
Brazil in Black and White: Skin Color and Higher Education
¡La Buena Vida! (6-part series, each 11 mins. Routine conversations of native-
speaking youth in various Spanish cities. Especially recommended for lower-level courses)
El Contrato / The Contract (On immigration issues)
Costa Rica: Ecotourism and Economic Development
Fiestas de muertos en México (On the Day of the Dead)
¡Franco, Franco, Franco! (On the Spanish dictator)
Mexico City: The Largest City
Rigoberta Menchú: Cassandra and Crusader
The Spanish Civil War (6-part series)
Telenovelas: Love, TV and Power

Dr. Scott G. Williams
LMC Director



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