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Beginning Spring 2011, the Department will celebrate an annual Awards Day, when two sets of scholastic achievement awards are given. The first, the Antonio Rivarés Award for Outstanding Scholastic Achievement in Spanish, is given to the most outstanding graduating major in Spanish each academic year. It honors Dr. Antonio Rivarés, Professor Emeritus of Spanish, who taught at TCU several years ago. The second, the Faculty Choice Award for Excellence in Spanish, is given to outstanding students of Spanish each academic year. It represents the honor bestowed upon awardees by the faculty members of the Department of Spanish and Hispanic Studies who made the choice.


The Spanish Ministry of Education, Social Sciences and Sports (MEPSYD) offers several scholarships for US university students or recent graduates to serve as conversational tutors for Spanish students learning English in Spain during the academic year. The deadline for applications is usually mid-April for the following academic year. For more information and application forms, go to


The Bryant F. Collins Scholarship and the Edward A. Bell Scholarship are awarded annually by the Department of Spanish and Hispanic Studies to outstanding students of Spanish. The two awards for 2010-2011 totaled about $3,500.


Eligibility: Students who are majors in Spanish. Students must have a TCU cumulative GPA of at least 3.0, and a GPA of at least 3.5 in the Spanish courses taken at Texas Christian University. To apply, students must have completed a minimum of 6 credit hours at the level of 30000 or above.


Application Procedure: The following materials must be submitted to the Scholarship Selection Committee of the Department of Spanish and Hispanic Studies.

  • Completed application form (available from the Department of Spanish and Hispanic Studies, Reed Hall, Room 202)
  • Two letters of recommendation from faculty who are familiar with the
    student’s academic work—one letter from a Spanish professor and one letter from a faculty member of a department other than the Department of Spanish and Hispanic Studies.
  • A 500-word typed essay, double-spaced, written in Spanish. The
    topic of the essay should be any subject related to the student’s career
    goals, his or her experience with Spanish and Hispanic culture, or
    another topic related to the student’s study of Spanish.


Additional Criteria: The student must show appropriate financial eligibility to receive this award. Contact the Scholarship and Financial Aid office (257-7858) to determine
your financial eligibility before applying for the scholarship.


For further information please see your Spanish professor or inquire at the
Department of Spanish and Hispanic Studies, Reed Hall, Room 202, (817) 257-7366.

Deadline for Submission of Application: April 1



The purpose of this annual award is to enable Spanish majors, especially those preparing for the teaching profession, to attendacademic conferences and workshops. There are two $1,000 (may be slightly higher) awards available to cover travel-related expenses (registration, transportation, meals, hotel accommodation). Awards are available on a first-come-first-served basis each semester.

Students may be recommended by faculty members, but applications are welcomed as well.  All interested students should send a letter to Dr. Komla Aggor, SHS Chair, specifying the following:

1) Student's information: name, year at TCU, courses taken/taking, grades (Spanish courses only), minor

2) Event, venue, dates (if known) (if you have an event in mind, also provide budget)

3) A paragraph stating why you are interested in applying for the scholarship (potential benefit to you)

4) A simple letter of support from a TCU professor of Spanish (if a bilingual Education major without having yet taken a Spanish course, let Dr. Aggor know your situation)

Upon returning from the conference/workshop, you will be expected to present a report on your learning experience to the SHS faculty. This is a golden opportunity; do not fail to take advantage.

Applications are reviewed each semester on a rolling basis.



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